Welcome to the Wootton High School PTSA!
Parents are one of the most important factors in the success of both your student and our school, and the PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) is a key way that parents can support that success. The Wootton PTSA helps support the Wootton High School community throughout the school year. We encourage every Wootton family to join the Wootton PTSA and support these worthwhile activities. Parent memberships are $25 and student memberships are $6. Details on how to join are available in the Membership tab. Through yearly dues and donations the PTSA contributes to various school activities, provides teacher and student grants, as well as staff appreciation events. We hold several informative meetings throughout the year that focus on parent and student needs, such as preparing for college, alcohol and drug prevention, improving wellness, and security. 

PTSA Executive Board


President - Brian Rabin (ptsa_president@tswoottonhs.org)


1st Vice President - Yule Pieters (ptsa_vp1@tswoottonhs.org)


2nd Vice President - Deepa Hasan (ptsa_vp2@tswoottonhs.org)

Treasurer - Nikki Bossert (ptsa_treasurer@tswoottonhs.org)


Recording Secretary - Meera Subramanian (ptsa_recording@tswoottonhs.org)


Corresponding Secretary - VACANT (ptsa_corresponding@tswoottonhs.org)



PTSA Board Members

Website Coordinator - Jason Mollica


Social Media Coordinator - Jean Yuan


Patriots News Chair - Huijun Shang 



Membership & Directory Chair - Nikki Bossert 



Volunteer Coordinator - Lifen Yao 



Graduation Bus Coordinator - Vacant 



Hospitality & Staff Appreciation Chair 

Dottie Gottfried - ptsa_staff_appreciation_chair@tswoottonhs.org
Sarah Cook -  ptsa_staff_appreciation_chair2@tswoottonhs.org

Student Engagement Co-chair - Annie Lin



Student Engagement Co-chair - Vacant 


Community Liaison - Jennifer Eisenfeld


NAACP Representative     

Shajmil Smith  srsmith04@hotmail.com 

PTSA Board Members

African American Parent Student Network Liaison (AAPSN)

Nkem Okeke - ptsa_aapsn_liaison@tswoottonhs.org


Asian Parent Student Network Liaison (APSN)

Arthur An - ptsa_apsn_liaison@tswoottonhs.org


Latino Parent Student Network Liaison (LPSN) 

Aida Marisol Gonzalez - ptsa_lpsn_liaison@tswoottonhs.org


Cluster Coordinator (MCCPTA) 

Tangela Cuascut - wootton@mccpta.org


Cluster Coordinator (MCCPTA) 

Junhua Liu - wootton2@mccpta.org

Cluster Coordinator (MCCPTA)

Yin Zheng - wootton3@mccpta.org

PTSA Delegate 

Anand Patwardhan - apat@yahoo.com

PTSA Delegate     

George Sellers - georgewsellers@aim.com

Cluster Representative 

Sab Shad - sabms1@gmail.com

Cluster Representative 

Shajmil Smith  srsmith04@hotmail.com