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FAQs - Logo Design Competition

  1. For the third part of the three-part design: Wootton Patriots logo that is an original design of the student. Should that consist of the words "PTSA?"

    • You don't have to use the word PTSA on it.  The third part of the design should be a design that fits an overall idea/theme that represents Wootton High School.​

  2. For the three-part design, it says "Wootton Patriots logo that is an original design of the student." Does that mean the logo must include an original design of the patriot or that the logo design must be an original?​

    • We want the logo to be unique so we wouldn't want to use parts of logos that already exist. You can have a patriot in your logo, or not, that's up to you. Our goal is to have a design that reflects Wootton and that will work for our new apparel store. 

  3. PTSA is asking students to create a three-part design--Do you want all three in one logo or three separate logos?

    • We want three separate files. The reason being that, for example, if we put the logo on a hat, it may be easier to use only the W instead of the original design. And for some items, we may want them to be simple and only say Wootton, rather than having a design on it. Also, for example, if you want to make a simple W, we would want you to use the same color scheme or font (if you use a font in your design) for that W. Essentially, we want all three files to be consistent so that if you were wearing a hat with the W on it but a shirt with only the original design on it, it would be clear that they went together.

  4. Is there a form or a registration required to be in this competition?

    • There is no form or registration. Once you’ve made a submission we will double check that you are indeed a Wootton student (the only requirement to enter). ​

  5. Must the second logo be "Wootton?" I was thinking of using "Thomas S. Wootton" instead?

    • If you would like to do the full school name, that is allowed.​ You may also do WHS or a variation of that, for example, Wootton H.S.

  6. For the third logo, the instructions suggest the student to make an original design of the Wootton Patriots logo. So does that mean the design must be recreated/re-drawn by the student entirely? ​

    • For the original design, we would like the student to come up with something on their own. It doesn’t have to be of anything in particular, as long as it’s something easily identified as being associated with Wootton. We would prefer not to use any parts of existing logos though you can certainly update an existing logo to make it your own. And you can use computer programs to create the logo. It doesn’t need to be created from a hand drawn sketch. 

  7. Can the design be submitted in a drawing form?

    • Yes. If your design is chosen, SquadLocker will work with you to convert your drawing to digital form.​

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