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Holiday Helping Hands Program

Click a link below to get started supporting a Wootton cluster child:

  1. Purchase gifts for a child (All items purchased!)

  2. Donate a store gift card (All items purchased!)

  3. Donate a grocery store gift card (All items purchased!)

  4. Donate cash and we will shop for you

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More about the Program Founders

Quick Links:

Gift Wrapping Volunteers: We will need volunteers on December 10th and 11th from 11-4.  SSL forms will be sent to all students who sign up to volunteer. If you have questions about volunteering, email Nikki Valentine at



Happy Holidays!

Jen Eisenfeld and Nikki Bossert

Holiday Helping Hands Co-Chairs


Questions? Contact us at

Gift Card & Cash Donations

If you prefer to donate a store gift card in lieu of shopping through a registry, we can do the shopping for you. We also need grocery store gift card donations for each family. Please use the sign up form to let us know you are donating.


Note: if you would like to send money (for a gift card) via Venmo, PayPal or Zelle, you can send to Nikki Bossert at the accounts listed below. You can send an email to or a text to (239) 247-9944 to confirm receipt of the funds. If you aren't a Wootton parent, please do send us an email so we can thank you!

Venmo: @Nikki-Bossert

PayPal and Zelle:

*We would like to donate a minimum of $200 in grocery store gift cards per family. Thank you!!

Electronic Payment Ino
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