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Teacher/Staff Grant: ​Apply here
Student Grant: ​Apply here


  • Language Therapy Advance Foundations for Speech and Language Disordered IEP Students at Wootton High School
  • Civitan club dues 
  • Class of 2024 class gift
  • Common Sense newspaper - printing one magazine and purchasing Student News Online platform
  • Fashion club supplies
  • Staff Wellness Events
  • Senior gift
  • Kindness for Cancer baskets
  • Supply drive
  • Dunks for Diabetes
  • Technology Student Association (administrative costs)
  • The Fruit Saver Initiative
  • Strengthening Online Science teaching seminar
  • Marching band equipment
  • Wellness Warriors Staff Committee
  • Interlochen Music and Arts Summer Camp
  • Fashion Club Expo

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for a grant?

  • Any Wootton student or teacher/staff member that has purchased a PTSA membership for the current fiscal year.

How do I apply for a grant?

  • Use the links above to apply for a grant. 

How much money can I apply for?

  • Generally, student grants are limited to $500 and teacher/staff grants are limited to $1,000. However, exceptions may apply.

What types of grant requests do students usually apply for?

  • Seed money to start a new club

  • Funding to attend an event on behalf of a club/school organization (if the request exceeds $500, we ask the student to have a teacher sponsor apply for the grant instead)

  • School organization/club event

What types of grant requests do teachers/staff members usually apply for?

  • T-shirts for school organizations/programs

    • E.g., Patriot of the Month/Wellness Warrior/ASPIRE 

  • Field trip costs not covered by MCPS

    • E.g., Madison House Autism Foundation day trip

  • Tuition costs for enhanced training not covered by MCPS

  • Substitute teacher costs to attend training (when not covered by MCPS)

  • Equipment related to teacher's field of study

    • E.g., automatic defibrillators for health class, marching band sound system​

  • Summer reading program supplies

  • Library enhancements not covered by MCPS


Grant Committee

Nikki Bossert, Treasurer

Sab Shad, Cluster Representative

Rahul Patani, Student Engagement Chair


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