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Frequently Asked Questions

What does PTSA stand for?

Parent Teacher Student Association

If I join the PTSA do I have to volunteer?

No. Although we always welcome parent volunteers, when you purchase a parent membership you are under no obligation to volunteer your time as well.

What is the benefit of purchasing a student membership?

Our student members are eligible to apply for a student grant. Student members are also permitted to vote at general membership meetings and we welcome student-led initiatives.

Why is a parent membership $35--what are the funds used for? 

$6 is allocated towards state and local PTA dues. The remaining $26 covers the PTSA's operational expenses though the majority is allocated towards the PTSA's objectives for the year, including the Teacher Appreciation Day and grants. 

Does the PTSA offer SSL hours for students?

Yes. Students are eligible to earn SSL hours for attending in-person general membership meetings. We sometimes have other events/opportunities available as well. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator for more information. 

What is the difference between the AtoZConnect account and ParentVue?

Your AtoZConnect account is related to the PTSA and is your source for purchasing a PTSA membership, viewing the student/parent directory, and purchasing a mock SAT/ACT test. Your ParentVue account is related to MCPS and allows parents to communicate with their child's teachers, view their child's class schedule and their grades and attendance, as well as various other academic information.

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